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Secrets to writing the perfect resume

One of the most read posts on my blog is “How to Write a Winning Resume.”  I thought I would offer my readers some additional tips on how to make sure your resume is the best it possibly can be. Hopefully your well-written resume will turn into a job interview!

  1. In our current economic job market with employers inundated with resumes, it is important to make sure yours is 100% free from spelling and grammar errors.  If your resume is sloppy and full of misspelled words, an employer will get the impression that you will perform sloppily on the job.  I cannot stress the importance enough of editing. Do not rely on spellcheck alone.  Ask a friend to proof it for you to hopefully catch spelling errors you may have missed.
  2. Do not include salary requirements on your resume.  You do not want to put yourself out of the running for a potential job because you are too expensive.
  3. Your resume should summarize the previous positions you have held but do not include reasons for leaving a previous job on your resume. You should be prepared to discuss this information in an interview but  never put it on your actual resume.
  4. Do not list specific references on your resume. It is acceptable to state “References Available Upon Request.” It is a good idea to take a separate sheet with you to a job interview which has your references listed in case you are asked to provide that information. 
  5. Use consistent grammar structures and verb tenses (previous jobs/past tense, current jobs/present tense).
  6. When describing relevant experience, avoid the use of personal pronouns such as “I.”

Of course you could always hire a professional resume writer (aka ME) to write your resume for you.  You can check out my business writing and consulting Web site, The Write Advice, for more information.  In addition to resumes I write all kinds of documents including press releases, Web site pages, and more.  You will receive a 20% discount if you tell me you saw this post on my blog!

If you have any resume related questions please feel free to leave a  comment and I will be glad to answer.  

How to Write a Press Release for Your Blog







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