Thank you for your interest in having your product reviewed on The Write Gal’s blog. While many products featured on this site are things that I either own or find on the Web, I do highlight products upon request.  For your product to be featured, I require that you also sponsor a reader giveaway.  Please note the following info below:

  • There is no charge for me to feature your product on my blog.
  • For the reader giveaway, it must be free to enter.
  • I will submit the giveaway to numerous blog contest Web sites that offer free submissions.
  • As the sponsor, you are required to mail the item to the lucky winner after I send you their contact information. 
  • Questions, need more info? Send me an email at uncgrad93[at]dot[com].

    Thank you for your interest in my blog!


    aka The Write Gal


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