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Tipsy Tuesday


Well if you read my post yesterday you know that I was in need of some cleaning tips to remove the Sharpie ink from my white kitchen countertop.  I am happy to report that the ink is all gone courtesy of The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  No cleaner, no Clorox, just the Magic Eraser and some water.  Thanks Mr. Clean! 

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Tipsy Tuesday

It’s not THAT kind of tipsy but rather a blog post to provide you with the best “tips” to make your life simpler.  This Tuesday theme is sponsored by The A-Priori Mommy.  If you would like to participate, your tips can be about anything — from tips for cleaning carpet stains to the best way to keep crafty scissors sharp.  Go here for more fabulous tipsy posts!

My Tipsy Tuesday post this week is a spelling tip for the word SEPARATE which is commonly misspelled seperate.  I go off my rocker when my students misspell this word; I teach college students not third graders, but I guess it just goes to show that even adults have problem spelling this word.  Help is here because there a tip to use to never get it wrong.  This also works for separating, separated, etc.  When spelling separate, think of A RAT. 


Think of a rat every time and you will hopefully not misspell this word again.

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