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Thanks for tagging me (I think)

Thanks to my friend Rhea from Mommy23Monkeys, I have been tagged to come up with my list of 6 unimportant things that make me happy.  Well if they make me happy, they wouldn’t be unimportant.  Hmmmm.  Anyway, I have to list my top 6 and then tag another 6 bloggers to do the same.  So here goes:starbucks 

  1. Starbucks (Enough said).
  2. Celebrity gossip (Love it).
  3. Brothers & Sisters (Rob Lowe gets even better with age).
  4. Topsail Island, NC (A great place to vacation).
  5. Shopping (I am a shop-a-holic – as if you didn’t know that already by reading my blog).
  6. My Crackberry Blackberry (I probably need a support group).

There you have it.  So, in the spririt of fun here is my list of 6 bloggers:

  1. AJ from A Little Bit Nutty
  2. Dore’ from Dore’s Diaries
  3. Emily from Georgie Tees
  4. Shannon from Potamus Prefers
  5. Brie from Keeks and Brie
  6. Kim from What’s That Smell?

Have fun!

America’s Next Top Blogger

antbI am competing to be “America’s Next Top Blogger” over at MomDot.  How I get myself into these things I don’t know.  Today we were vying for the coveted position of the Head of Household and I tied with my friend Dore’ from Dore’s Diaries.  I had to photograph someone at a restaurant holding up a sign that said “Hi Trisha.”  Then I had to take my picture with our local Wal-Mart greeter.  Ya’ll know I HATE pictures of myself and I am so not posting that on my blog.  The pic was taken by The Little Write Gal who is 8.  Nobody looks good in a photo taken at that angle. 

Here is the pic of the super nice Bojangles girl who was happy to help me. 









The fun continues tomorrow.

Do you have Blog Smog breath?







Check out this video from Dentyne that pokes fun (in a good way) at people who have Blog Smog breath.  What’s that you ask?  Blog Smog is bad breath from being on the computer all day long, working on your blog with your mouth closed.  Hilarious!  The film is part of Dentyne’s Make Face Time campaign reminding everyone to take breaks from technology and spend more time together in real life.

Off to brush my teeth and chew some Dentyne!

Personality Test

The Mrs. from One Fabulous Mom posted this personality test on her blog (one of my faves!). She said her results “blew her mind” so I knew I had to take it to see for myself.  I have to say this is right on the money.  If you take the test be sure to let me know in a comment so I can go read and comment over at your blog.  Here are my results:

Your personality type:

Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Extremely thorough, responsible and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Well-organized and hard working, they work steadily towards identified goals. They can usually accomplish any task once they have set their mind to it.

Careers that could fit you include:

Business executives, administrators and managers, accountants, police, detectives, judges, lawyers, medical doctors, dentists, computer programmers, systems analysts, computer specialists, auditors, electricians, math teachers, mechanical engineers, steelworkers, technicians.

Since I have been a paralegal for most of my career I can say the profession fits me well according to this.  Now I thoroughly enjoy teaching paralegal students which is a nice change  from the stressful jobs I have had in the past.  I would disagree with the suggested careers of a computer specialist/programmer (I am lucky I figured out blogging), steelworker (???), and math teacher (I hated Math in school).  But the personality description sounds pretty accurate to me.  (Ashley stop laughing at the “well organized” part.  I am very organized about work–just not about my house LOL).

The Funniest Thing I Saw in 2008…







has to be MAD TV’s Bon Qui Qui at King Burger skit.  I am behind slightly because this actually came out in 2007 but I didn’t see it until 2008.  Today The Little Write Gal was doing her best Bon Qui Qui impression and it reminded me about it.   We first saw this during my I’m-so-busy-I-am-ignoring-my-blog-phase so I thought I should share this with any of my bloggy friends who might have missed it.  Even if you have seen it before it is funny every time.  We can thank Aunt Ashley for  introducing Bon Qui Qui to us. 

What was the funniest thing you saw in 2008?

Yearbook Fun

I recently discovered this super-addicting Web site, Yearbook Yourself, where you can see what you would have looked like in High School in various decades.  What’s scary is I actually HAD some of those featured hairdos in the 90’s.  These two are my favorite ones:


Me circa 1966 – This is a poofed-up version of my hairdo now.  I think I would have loved being in high school in the 60’s.


Me circa 1982 – I look like the Mom from That 70’s Show!

These are hysterical. I emailed this site to my friend, Brie, and she posted about it on her blog which inspired me to do the same.  If you “yearbook yourself” be sure and leave a comment so I can go check out the fun! 

What Brady Are You?


You Are Marcia Brady

Confident yet kind. Popular yet down to earth. You’re a total dream girl.You’ve got the total package – no wonder everyone’s a little jealous of you.     

I knew the answer to this without taking the quiz!  I have always known I was a Marcia Brady.

What Brady are you?  Go here to find out!

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