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Note to Kim K: Arm Warmers are a Fashion Don’t

Normally I think Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon. I love to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians just to see what she is wearing.  When Kim K first reached a celebrity status I think her fashion was more of a don’t, but the last few years she has reached icon status in my opinion. So imagine my surprise when I saw this picture circulating online this week of Kim K wearing a *gasp* arm warmer at a basketball game.  An arm warmer, really?  I definitely do not approve.

Do you think this arm warmer is couture or crazy? My vote is crazy.


What Was She Thinking?













I love all of those grocery store magazines at the checkout that show pics of what not to wear.  This week I saw one that I just had to share.  Here is some fashion advice for Tammy Faye Kim:

  • Honey, shoulder pads have not been in since the ’80s.  Please go burn that jacket.
  • You don’t wear that much eye makeup unless it’s Halloween.  That’s five months away.
  • It is not a good idea to use a Sharpie as an eyebrow pencil.

Normally I think Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon.  I am not sure what was up when she wore this outfit.  Am I wrong or is anyone else wondering where is Jim Bakker?

More Glamour Don’ts

Working at a college I see all kinds of hideous unique fashions. While some people wear the latest styles, there are others who just don’t get it.  I feel compelled to post a few reminders of what NOT to wear.   These are the latest fashion blunders I have witnessed.sweatpantsboots

 1.  Glamour Don’t: Sweatpants & Boots

If you are going to bum it in sweatpants, please do not try and “dress” up this horrid look by putting on your boots.  How sad that there are people out there who are clueless about this rule.  Sweatpants = Sneakers.





2.  Glamour Don’t – FUR Crocs 

The only shoes I hate worse than Crocs are the ones with FUR.  These are just too ugly for words.  Do I need to say it again?  CROCS = YARD SHOES.



socks13.  Glamour Don’t – Flip Flops and Socks

I guess people just can’t wait  until the summer so they can wear flip flops again.  If you are crazy enough to wear flip flops when it is 30 degrees, please don’t wear them with your socks.  This is just wrong.

Do you have any Glamour Don’ts that need to go on the list?

New Year – New Fashion Don’ts


I have always loved Glamour Magazine’s Fashion Don’ts and how they block out the eyes of the guilty.  New for 2009 are the latest fashion don’ts.  Below is a picture of the offense and my two cents (I could so work for Glamour).  Are any of these a fashion “do” in your book or do you agree with Glamour?





Glamour says these look silly on anyone over the age of five.  I agree.   I wouldn’t be caught dead in them except in my yard.






Showing your kneecaps?  Enough said.







Don’t wear these unless you are dressing up as Mrs. Claus.





Here is one of my personal don’ts they left off the list.






If you have any of these in your closet, burn them.  NOW!





 Do you have any fashion Don’ts that need to go on the list?

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