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Excellent customer service is not a thing of the past

Recently I broke my favorite pair of flip flops, the Savannah by OKA b. During the summer you can find me in either my black or copper pair almost every single day. Needless to say I was devastated when the piece between my toes broke. After emailing the OKA b. I was instructed to complete the return form and mail them my broken shoe. I didn’t even need my original receipt for proof of purchase. About a week after I put my broken shoe in the mail, I received a brand new pair of Savannahs. Now that is excellent customer service!!

These are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. It’s no wonder OKA b.’s Web site is called My sister and I walked in our Savannahs for hours all over San Diego recently. OKA b. now has a bridal collection. I wish I would have had these at my wedding. If you are getting married soon you have to try some!

Thanks OKA b. for providing excellent customer service. I think I am a customer for life. 

If your family loves Chick-fil-A…watch this video

This video is soooo funny.  My sister told me about Tim Hawkins who is a Christian comedian. Check out his video about Chick-fil-A which is hilarious.  You can see lots of other videos on his Web site which is

Happy Birthday to The Little Write Gal

I can’t believe that The Little Write Gal is 10 years old today!!  Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday she was born and today she is turning 10.  She will always be my baby.  This picture was taken in August 2010.  The cake picture below was taken on her first birthday.  She is as still beautiful as ever. We had a fabulous time celebrating her birthday in California with Aunt Ashley.  On Monday she will be celebrating some more with a special lunch with her Aunt Janis and Nana.  I think we have all spoiled her rotten! 

Holly’s hair has gotten darker over the years but that smile is definitely the same.  I am the luckiest Mommy in the world for sure.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I Love You!

My new favorite beauty products

While I was in San Diego I discovered two new beauty products that I LOVE! The first one is HeelTastic which let me say is FANTASTIC. I had not heard of this before until my sister introduced it to me. You simply put HeelTastic on your dry, cracked heels like in this picture and voila, it looks like you just had a pedicure!  You can find HeelTastic at your local Walgreens, or you can order it online at

The other product is by Philosophy- The Supernatural airbrushed canvas spf 15. All I can say is that I wish I had tried this makeup a lot sooner.  I love it!!  I have been using Bare Escentuals now for a few years and while I like it, sometimes I don’t think the product gives me enough coverage.  With The Supernatural, the coverage is just the right amount.  According to the Philosphy Web site, this makeup is a “high-pigment, talc-free foundation that conceals, camouflages and provides spf protection all in one easy step.” It is safe for all skin types.

These days when I read blogs it is hard to tell if a blogger writes about the product because they genuinely like it or if a company asked the blogger to review it in exchange for a free product.  Both of these products I purchased myself. I am in no way affiliated with HeelTastic or Philosophy and was not approached by the companies or any of their representatives.  These are products I found own my own and wanted to share with my readers.

If you try them let me know what you think!

The “ugly jug,” my sister, and California

The day the Little Write Gal told me she was making an “ugly jug” in art class, I had to look it up online because I wasn’t exactly sure what it was.  I found this definition on UNC-TV’s Web site for its series “Folk Ways” which chronicles styles of pottery:

Also called “face vessels,” “ugly jug,” or “voodoo jug,” these amusing pots probably originated some time after the beginning of the twentieth century. Produced most commonly in the Catawba Valley, face jugs are usually characterized by their ears, prominent mustaches and toothy grins. To produce a face jug, potters first turn the piece, then let it dry for a few hours. Then the potter adds at least thirteen pieces of clay to create the face, and optional features such as a mustache, beard or horns can increase this amount. Teeth are created from jagged pieces of commercial whitewares.

Earlier history of the art indicated that these pots were used to contain poisons and were made ugly to  keep children away. 

Each day The Little Write Gal would tell me the progress she was making on the ugly jug until finally I got to see it in person.  The day she brought it home was a special day for us because after school we were going to my sister’s house for what would be one of the last times before she moved to California.  Now if you have ever met my daughter the one thing you would know is that she is absolutely crazy over her “Aunt Ashley.”  She decided to give the ugly jug to her as a going away present.  My sister who I also adore, very lovingly packed up her new gift and sent me this picture of how it is displayed in her new home now 3,000 miles away. 

The Little Write Gal and I actually got to see it in person last week when we visited.  I will try to post more about our trip soon.

So if you live close to your sister please give her a hug from me.  I can’t wait until the next time I can hug mine in person.

This typo makes all English teachers cringe

I am glad I don’t work at this school and am embarrassed that this happened in my home state of North Carolina.  A road contractor committed a horrible typo on a freshly paved stretch of road near Southern Guilford High School in Greensboro rendering this area a “shcool” zone.  There are no words to describe this egregious error. 

(Photo Credit: Greensboro News & Record, Joseph Rodriguez)

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