First Simon now Ellen. Should American Idol call it quits?

American Idol is now down two judges after Ellen DeGeneres announced yesterday she would not be returning to the hit Fox show. “A couple months ago, I let FOX and the ‘American Idol’ producers know that this didn’t feel like the right fit for me,” Ellen said in a statement issued to Access Hollywood yesterday.  Simon Cowell, who announced last season that he was not returning, has yet to be officially replaced by Idol execs.  Online reports are buzzing this morning, however, that Jennifer Lopez will fill one of the two open judges’ seats.

Personally I think Idol should call it quits.  While no one can fill Simon’s black t-shirt, with two judges gone I think the show can no longer be what it once was.  The records hit a record low last year even with Simon still there.  I think the only thing that could rejuvenate Idol at this point is a Simon/Paula return.   

What do you think?  Are you going to still watch Idol with two new judges?


2 Responses to “First Simon now Ellen. Should American Idol call it quits?”

  1. 1 Middlin July 30, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    I’ve never been an Idol watcher, but I think that the franchise has had it’s run. I think that the US needs a break for a year or so, and then a fresh panel of judges in order to regain interest. It seems to me that there have been too many seasons, too close together, and hype has died down. Simon brought credibility to the show because he seemed willing to say what needed to be said. The judges have to have authority and be experts in their field in order to give useful advice to the audience. While I like Ellen, she’s not a music industry professional, I think that Idol needs someone who develops artists for a living, and isn’t worried about coming across as the bad guy.

  2. 2 SnackyJackie July 30, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    I think it’s ran it’s course… Esp now that I think Kara’s out too? (can’t confirm yet) And J Lo coming aboard? No thx. Plus I’ve def heard enough “Yo Dawg”. No more lol.

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