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Father’s Day Gift Ideas from TJ Maxx & Marshalls



This year for Father’s Day consider shopping at Marshalls and T.J.Maxx–great places to find the same designer merchandise as department and specialty stores but for up to 60% less for every different father out there. Here are just a few gift ideas that are perfect for Dad – no matter how hard he is to buy for:

For the “Techie” Dad: If dad is always in search of the newest gadgets, why not pick up some great accessories to pair with them. Get some MP3 add-ons like speakers, headphones or a leather carrying case to make his music listening experience a special one. You can also grab some fun laptop and office supplies that can make work more enjoyable.

 For the “Sports Enthusiast”: For the sports fanatic in your life purchase some apparel from his favorite sports team so he can showcase his pride. You can complete the package with a new pair of brand-name sneakers.

For The Gourmet Chef Fanatic: With summer right around the corner help get him prepared with grilling tools and unique spices. A new recipe book and apron will guarantee a summer full of tasty treats.

For the “Beach Bum”: If dad is happiest at the beach, help him update those faded swim trunks and worn out flip flops with brand new beach gear. Add in a beach towel and a pair of designer shades to complete the look.

Thank  you TJ Maxx/Marshalls for sending me a gift card so the Little Write Gal and I can go shopping for her Dad’s present this year.  Stay tuned to see what we find!

McDonald’s Recalls 12 Million Shrek Glasses

If you have any of the McDonald’s “Shrek Ever After” Glasses at your house  THROW THEM OUT!!!  Yesterday, McDonald’s recalled 12 million of these due to potentially dangerous levels of the metal cadmium which have been detected in the paint on the decorative images. Per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), consumers should stop using the glasses immediately and the Web site cautions that long term exposure to cadmium can cause adverse health effects.  You can read the CPSC recall report here. On Monday, McDonald’s is supposed to announce how you can obtain a refund of these glasses.  You can visit their Web site for more information. 

Thank you for being our friend Blanche Devereaux

Today the world mourns the loss of actress Rue McClanahan, who is famous for playing Southern belle Blanche Devereaux on the hit TV show The Golden Girls.  Ms. McClanahan passed away from a stroke at age 76. Blanche was always my favorite Golden Girl and it’s sad to think that there is only one surviving cast member alive, the fabulous Betty White. I always remember watching The Golden Girls with my sister who LOVES this show.  Thank goodness we can still see all of our girls in reruns.

Here is a tribute to all of the Golden Girls. Enjoy!

That’s some typo: British Airways magazine gives Osama Bin Laden a boarding pass

This week a photo in a staff magazine from British Airways has Osama Bin Laden flying the airline first class on October 26, 2010. The photo, which shows Osama as a  frequent flyer, appeared in an article about the airline’s mobile boarding passes. The magazine is facing the heat from the media for this blunder, and ABC News reported this statement from a British Airways spokesperson: “A mistake has been made in this internal publication and we are working to find out how this occurred.”  I would say this is some mistake. There is speculation that this typo is the work of a current or former disgruntled employee.  I guess John Doe wasn’t original enough. 

What do you think about the airline’s typo?

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