Brothers and Sisters’ Tearful Season Finale

I normally don’t cry while watching television. A movie, maybe, but not  TV.  But during the season finale of Brothers & Sisters on Sunday, I cried some major buckets when Sen. Robert McCallister died with his eyes open in the dramatic car crash.  It was SO sad.  Rob Lowe gave a definite Emmy-worthy performance in that episode.  From the events of the show, it makes me wonder if Robert’s death was a murder and whether or not that truck was supposed to collide into his car.  I can’t wait to see how the show will handle his exit next season.  I wonder if they will open with the accident again or his funeral.  This was supposed to be Rob Lowe’s last episode so I am guessing they open with some post accident aftermath.

If you watched, what did you think of the finale.  RIP Sen. McCallister.  😦

2 Responses to “Brothers and Sisters’ Tearful Season Finale”

  1. 1 The Mrs. May 23, 2010 at 9:41 am

    Finally watched last night. The dying with the eyes open killed me. Well done season finale and so many tears! How about Saul? That killed me!

  2. 2 TBMeow May 23, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    I too thought Rob Lowe gave an “Emmy worthy performance” last Sunday.
    Unfortunately IMO it’s been reported the show is jumping a year ahead next fall. Cheating Robert fans and others out of the aftermath of his death. I doubt this crew of writers will even bother with the murder possibility.
    IMO this time jump is so Kitty can be dating. Pathetic I think after all this drama and for those of us who stuck it out with this show for Robert and Rob Lowe.

    I don’t really care at this point because I’ve run out of patience with B&S. Along with the strange and often out-of-character storylines that we then don’t come back to and all the criticism of the writing; the lack of promotion baffles me.
    I guess they’re relying on this great cast but I’m leaving with the guy who brought me. If Robert/Rob Lowe shows up in flashbacks or Robert isn’t dead I’ll watch but be disappointed that RL hasn’t moved on. Anytime he’s on the tv I’ll watch. (I do like his choice of guest starring on Parks&Recreation.)

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