Only Skinny Starbucks Lattes from now on

I LOVE Starbucks.  LOVE IT.  I still using a Starbucks gift card someone gave me for Christmas.  Now that I am on a DIE-t, I have realized that my Starbucks addiction to Caramel Apple Spice has GOT to end. Check out that picture which does not do the taste justice.  That is one of my favorite drinks ever.  Goodbye 460 calories (for a Venti), the Write Gal’s on a DIE-t.  Hello Vanilla Skinny Latte (Tall) ~ 90 Calories.  Maybe Skinny Lattes = Skinny Me?

By the way, I totally *heart* the people at Starbucks because you can find all of the nutritional information for their drinks right on their Web site.  Check it out here.

What’s your Starbucks addiction?


1 Response to “Only Skinny Starbucks Lattes from now on”

  1. 1 erin March 17, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    White Chocolate Mochas used to be my fave – but lately their drinks have a cardboard taste like their cups. So it’s Dunkin Donuts Coffee for me. And Paneras wouldn’t know how to make a cup of Coffee even if they had a Keurig. They simply suck at it.

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