Losing 40 Before Turning 40

I am on a mission to drop 40 pounds before my 40th birthday next year.  To help me get there I decided to try Nutrisystem and so far it is going well. In one week I lost 4 pounds! I am so excited–only 36 more to go.  Thankfully my birthday is more than a year away so hopefully I will achieve my goal.  I will keep you updated on my progress.

The biggest thing to get used to is portion control. That is so my problem; eating way more than what I should at mealtime.  Nutrisystem does have everything perfectly proportioned for you and so far so good. If I can survive the first week I feel like I can survive for the whole 4o pounds.  Although sometimes this past week I have felt  like our dog Ashes had more in his bowl than I did in mine LOL. I am sure I will have to get used to eating less.

Wish me luck.  Thinking skinny thoughts,


2 Responses to “Losing 40 Before Turning 40”

  1. 1 Martha March 9, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Congratulations on your decision. I hope you will post how you like the taste of the food, as well as your progress. I’ve been considering the diabetic version of the plan. Good luck!!

  2. 2 Kimberly March 10, 2010 at 8:22 am

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is awesome. Four pounds is amazing! Keep up the great work.

    I konw, the portion sizes are a shocker. You never realize just how much we truly eat until the reality of what we SHOULD be eating is staring you in the face. I think EVERYONE eats way too much. Thinking about portion sizes just having one meal at a restaurant should in reality be shared with 3-4 people!

    I’m so happy for you!!!! You’ll reach your goal. I know you will!

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