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You say laryngitis, I say bad singing

This week Paige Miles blamed laryngitis for the reason she got the boot on American Idol.  I find it funny she has to put the “blame” anywhere.  I would venture to say it was the bad singing that made America not vote for Paige to be part of the Top 10. 

Is it me or is American Idol horrible this season?  I honestly don’t care if I tune in or not.  Snooze City.  

Any die-hard AI fans still out there?


Florida college forgets to use spell check

A South Florida college apparently doesn’t know how to use spell check.  Check out this billboard advertising Florida Career College with an obvious typo.  It should have said, “It’s never too late to start your career,” instead of “you career,” which is grammatically incorrect. This story was first reported by Florida television station WSVN-TV. No surprise the college failed to comment to the media.

As a college instructor I am horrified that a mistake like this was made on such a grand level.  This is definitely not the best kind of advertising to attract potential students. I can only imagine how the school’s instructors feel about the mistake.

Spanx for Men?!?

Spanx is expanding their market to include men’s products.  That’s right…your man can now look leaner by wearing the new Spanx compression t-shirt. According to Spanx, this product firms the chest, flattens the stomach, improves posture, and supports the lower back. Constructed of Egyptian cotton, the shirts are 19% spandex and appear just like regular t-shirts. They are priced much higher, however, between $55 and $58.  Wow, that’s a lot of $$ for an undershirt. 

So what do you think?  Would your man wear Spanx?  Something tells me the male model in this picture doesn’t need it. 

Only Skinny Starbucks Lattes from now on

I LOVE Starbucks.  LOVE IT.  I still using a Starbucks gift card someone gave me for Christmas.  Now that I am on a DIE-t, I have realized that my Starbucks addiction to Caramel Apple Spice has GOT to end. Check out that picture which does not do the taste justice.  That is one of my favorite drinks ever.  Goodbye 460 calories (for a Venti), the Write Gal’s on a DIE-t.  Hello Vanilla Skinny Latte (Tall) ~ 90 Calories.  Maybe Skinny Lattes = Skinny Me?

By the way, I totally *heart* the people at Starbucks because you can find all of the nutritional information for their drinks right on their Web site.  Check it out here.

What’s your Starbucks addiction?

Wordless Wednesday

Ashes loves riding in the car.  I took this pic of him this week looking out the window.  Happy WW!

Losing 40 Before Turning 40

I am on a mission to drop 40 pounds before my 40th birthday next year.  To help me get there I decided to try Nutrisystem and so far it is going well. In one week I lost 4 pounds! I am so excited–only 36 more to go.  Thankfully my birthday is more than a year away so hopefully I will achieve my goal.  I will keep you updated on my progress.

The biggest thing to get used to is portion control. That is so my problem; eating way more than what I should at mealtime.  Nutrisystem does have everything perfectly proportioned for you and so far so good. If I can survive the first week I feel like I can survive for the whole 4o pounds.  Although sometimes this past week I have felt  like our dog Ashes had more in his bowl than I did in mine LOL. I am sure I will have to get used to eating less.

Wish me luck.  Thinking skinny thoughts,

Oscar Fashion Hits & Misses

I love watching the pre-show of the Academy Awards so much better than the long and drawn out show itself.  My favorite part of course is the Red Carpet and who are this year’s Oscar Fashion Hits & Misses.  Here are my top pics from last night’s show (in no particular order)

HIT- Sandra Bullock.  This dress is spectacular and Sandra Bullock looked amazing wearing it. Her hair, makeup, and jewelry are flawless.














HIT – Kathy Ireland. Kathy Ireland was dazzling in this gorgeous black gown.  She did a wonderful job hosting ABC’s Oscar pre-show.











HIT – Queen Latifah.  Queen Latifah proves that you don’t have to be a size 2 to be beautiful.  She was stunning in this pink dress.


MISS – Faith Hill.  This “Morticia Adams” look on Faith Hill did not work at all.  Faith-keep the fishnets for Halloween not the Red Carpet.














MISS – Demi Moore.  I couldn’t tell where Demi Moore’s fake tan ended and this dress began.  I was not a fan of the ruffles either.













Who were your Oscar Fashion Hits & Misses this year?

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