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Attention Walmart Shoppers

walmartI am very proud to be a part of the Walmart More Than Eleven Moms group, and we need your help in completing a Walmart survey.  This survey is being presented at an officers’ meeting at Walmart this Friday and they need your feedback to continually improve the products and offerings at your local Walmart store.  The survey is short with only 7 questions; it only takes  just a few minutes to complete.  You can participate by clicking on the link here:

Thanks for your help!

I love Ellen as the new Idol judge!

At first when I heard the announcement that Ellen DeGeneres was replacing Paula Abdul I was skeptical.  But after watching her during Hollywood week for the last two weeks I have to say she makes a unique addition to the show.  It was hard to even tell she was new because she sat at the judges’ table like she belonged there.  I found her comments honest and her opinions insightful. 

I love Ellen but I don’t see myself saying the same thing about Simon’s replacement who has not yet been named.  I bet we won’t find that out until close to the end of Season 9.  I still think after this year and no Simon, Idol should retire.  There isn’t anyone out there who can fill those shoes (or a black t-shirt) like Simon does.

What do you think about Ellen?

The word “die” is in diet for a reason!

I hate dieting! If losing weight was so easy there wouldn’t be so much information online about it.  If you Google “weight loss” you get 52 million hits. There’s a reason for all of the diet advice on the Internet –I think a lot of Americans struggle with their weight like I do.  For me it is not as simple as exercising and taking in less calories.   I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which makes losing weight even more difficult.  My metabolism is slower than slow.  I also seem to have a problem with portion control.  There are so many diet programs out there I am hoping that I just haven’t found the right one for me. I have tried Weight Watchers, counting calories, and countless other diets, and have not yet been able to reach my weight loss goals. I need to lose 30 pounds for sure but ideally I would like to drop 40 pounds and keep it off. I have had some success before but my weight always seems to yo-yo.  😦

After researching various diet plans, I am thinking of starting the Nutrisystem program. The one thing that attracted me to Nutrisystem most of all is the controlled portions.  The food arrives ready for you to cook and there is no measuring your protein with your food scale.  I have a food scale at home but I get tempted to eat more when I cook because we always have leftovers.  I think the controlled portion sizes would really help me and would not tempt me to eat more since there isn’t a “second helping” readily available. One thing I learned about Nutrisystem is that you supplement their entrees with fresh grocery items (fruit, dairy, salads and vegetables) into your plan so you’re guaranteed the nutrition from these items in addition to the prepackaged Nutrisystem foods.  Per the Nutrisystem Web site their entrees and desserts contain Low-glycemic “good carbs”, Protein, Fiber, Low sodium, Low fat, and No trans fats. 

To be honest one of the initial things that drew me to Nutrisystem was Marie Osmond’s story of how she lost 50 pounds. I have seen her in People magazine and on Entertainment Tonight talking about how pleased she is with her results.  Another person who has been inspiring me to lose weight is my friend Kimberly over at She Scribes who is currently on the Nutrisystem program. I have enjoyed reading her blog about how she is using Nutrisystem to acheive her weight loss goals. 

I am curious if you have tried Nutrisystem and if you like it.  By the way in case you are wondering I am not currently reviewing the Nutrisystem program for my blog but I wouldn’t object if they want to send me a 3-month supply to check it out.

The Macy’s GC Lucky Winner

The winning number was #506! Congrats Shel!

506 shel

February 11, 2010 at 4:03 am

2/11 RT


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Thanks to everyone who entered and especially all of my readers who tweeted my contest!!  I think this was the most successful contest I have ever held on my blog with almost 900 entries!  Thank you!

The Grammar Police: Words that annoy me in blog writing

It’s been a while since I issued some grammar citations.  Today I was inspired after reading Trisha’s post on “The Top 5 Most Overused Words in the Blogosphere” over at It made me think about how certain words annoy me. A LOT.  As I tell my college students, if you don’t talk that way, don’t write that way.  I realize you are not writing an essay after all – it’s a blog post; but in my opinion, the same rules of good grammar should apply.

Here is my list of the Top 5 words that really get on my nerves when reading other people’s blogs:

  1. Great – “Great” is greatly overused in blog writing.  This is the greatest fill-in-the-blank I have ever used.  This product is great.  My life is great.  Get out a Thesaurus already.
  2. Seriously – This word seriously annoys me.  Seriously. And why is it typically followed by a question mark?
  3. Yummy – I love to read recipe blogs but I will skip yours if you tell me every other dish is yummy.  Or if you review food items and can’t get over how yummy they are.  If my 9-year-old tells me something is yummy I believe her.  If you do – I don’t.
  4. Texting –  Well not the word “texting” but writing your blog posts like a text message like in this example:  Thx 4 visiting my blog.  Have a gr8 day!  Or the overuse of LOL, ROFL, etc.
  5. Whatever – This word topped a recent poll as the most annoying word of 2009.  When it is written in blog posts, it is even more annoying because the shortened version of Whatevs is used.  Whatever. 

What is a word that annoys you?




P.S. Trisha – I really do think you are an influential Mom blogger.  🙂

The Write Gal’s Blogging Tips: The importance of a blog design

It’s been a while since I have given advice to improve your blog so I thought I would provide some tips to help you make your blog the best it can be. Occasionally I receive emails from new bloggers asking how you start working with PR reps and companies for product reviews.  They want to know how to make their blog look professional and be considered for PR opportunties.  Some advice I give often is to make sure your blog stands out among the crowd.  I don’t mean you have to pay thousands of dollars to hire a graphic designer for a custom blog design.  But I do mean that your blog should have more pizazz than just a text header with your blog name in all caps.  Blogs just like businesses have brands.  Consider getting custom header which can help you develop your brand.  If you don’t have money for a custom blog design, consider just paying for a header.  You can always go back and add the background later.  My point is if you want to be taken seriously by PR professionals, you should take your blog seriously as well.  In my opinion your blog should be more than just your words on a page. It should contain a unique design that reflects who you are. 

While you can spend thousands in design fees you don’t have to.  There are many affordable designers out there who would love to work with you. And if you are looking for an affordable blog designer who also happens to be incredibly talented, hire Stefanie from La De Daa Designs.  Make sure you tell her The Write Gal sent you.  She created my blog design and I LOVE IT.

Happy Blogging,

Executees T-Shirt Winner!

Congratulations to Angela who is the winner of my Executees giveaway!

109 Angela

February 8, 2010 at 2:59 pm

I learned from the website that you hand wash and hang dry these shirts.

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Thanks to everyone who entered!

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