makes price comparison easy

pebble2Recently I discovered which is a price comparison Web site.  There are a lot of price comparison Web sites out there but this one is unique.  Not only can it help you find the best deal on the Web, it also has a feature where you can ask questions about products. This is a great benefit to the consumer because often my biggest pet peeve about buying online is the inability to ask questions.  It is a Catch – 22 because if I go in to the store to ask a salesperson my questions I get a massive sales pitch.  If I buy it online I run the risk of not knowing everything about the product. I actually prefer buying online when I can and when I don’t have to pay load of shipping costs. I like shopping in the comfort of my home without having someone try to sell me something.  With you can actually fully research a product before you buy it because now there are people to answer your questions.  And these are not biased store employees answering your questions either but regular consumers who have experience using the product. 

pebblepricecompareI tried to search for a Keurig.  I am really wanting  a Keurig in white to match my kitchen appliances and I have had a hard time finding one locally.  Hopefully one day the great people at Keurig will finally give this Mr. Coffee user a chance to trade up and give me a review and giveaway. I am not sure if that will ever happen in my lifetime so I am probably going to have to resort to purchasing one on my own.  I searched to find my white Keurig and they had six stores with price data.  Now I did have some questions about owning one so I checked out the question databank for this product and sure enough someone else had already asked my question which was about what type of filtration system the machine used.  A user responded with how the Keurig does not take separate filter but uses their own line of special K-cups to make the coffee which acts as the filter. I knew the Keurig used the K-cups but I did not know they acted as the filter. I found that information to be very helpful in my search for a Keurig.  (Special note to the people at Keurig: If you are reading my post will you pretty please let me review one of your machines?  Pretty please?)

The next time you need to do some price comparison shopping, give a try. 


1 Response to “ makes price comparison easy”

  1. 1 AJ @ A Little Bit Nutty August 17, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    Thanks! I will have to try them out. I have to research all my purchases before I buy.

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