Camping Fun!

I have to say that The Little Write Gal and I had a fun time at camp and believe it or not I survived with no broken nails!  We stayed in a cabin in the woods with 12 other girls. I have many bug bites to prove it.  I took bug spray but seeing as how I am practically mosquito bait the bug spray didn’t work very well. 

One of our “fun” camping activities was dissecting owl pellets.  What is an owl pellet you ask?  Don’t worry I had never heard of one either.   The Little Write Gal knew all about them and quickly gave Mommy a science lesson.  Owls, like many other birds, eat their food whole. Since birds do not have teeth, they can’t chew their food. They use their beaks to rip their prey apart and then swallow large chunks whole. The owl slowly digests its meal by separating the softer materials (such as meat) from the harder material (such as bones). It then regurgitates the harder material along with indigestible items such as feathers and fur in the form of a pellet.

Here is a picture of The Little Write Gal holding her owl pellet. After dissecting we determined our owl had eaten a rat.



Here she is holding the rat bones which we put in a CD case. I have tried several times to throw these way but The Little Write Gal wants to keep them as a souvenir.

We had a great time learning camp songs, praying, and participating in Bible studies and activities.  One night all of the Moms in our group went out of the room while they covered up the campers with sheets except for their feet.  When we came back into the room we had to guess which feet belonged to our daughter. I would know those little twinkle toes anywhere.  The campers did the same thing.  The Little Write Gal guessed mine right away too.  She said she knew I really loved her because I was “SO not camp material.”  I adore her which is why I wanted to make this a memorable trip we will both never forget!


2 Responses to “Camping Fun!”

  1. 1 Mom June 26, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Glad you two had such a fun week. The memories will last a lifetime!

  2. 2 Amanda June 26, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    I was a biology major in college. We dissected an owl pellet in my ecology class. After we’d gotten all of the bones out and identified the animal, We had to reassemble it. good times.

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