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Wordless Wednesday









These two partners in crime were already in trouble so I thought why not take their picture for everyone to see.  Happy WW!



A Cool Web Site and Giveaway! (CLOSED)

cool1I am so excited to introduce you to I used to be cool, a hilarious Web site that sells shirts and other products based on the idea that at some point in our lives we all used to be cool.  You guys know what I am talking about: we were cool in high school, super cool in college, a very cool 20-something then BAM! ~ marriage and motherhood (or fatherhood) happened. My 30s have been spent being Mom to the adorable Little Write Gal and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That is why the t-shirts from I used to be cool give me such a laugh; because I used to be cool too.  Shannon, the owner and founder of the company, used to be cool (and still is in my opinion), and used her experience to form this fab company. Shannon writes this on the I used to be cool Web site:

There is absolutely no way on this earth to feel hip or sexy or cool driving a minivan. But they are a godsend when you have a 4- and a 3-year-old, and I wouldn’t even think of trading it in right now. When I got my van my friends were making fun of me and I protested, “I used to be cool!” I had a bumper sticker made to let people know that I’m not proud to drive a minivan. It gets a lot of laughs, and I’ve learned that not all van drivers are geeks whose life ambition was to have a soccer sticker in the back window. It just sort of happens…and that van sure is practical…


One lucky Write Gal reader can celebrate how they used to be cool by winning your choice of shirt.  Here’s how to enter:

Main Entry:

Go to the I used to be cool Web site and tell me which shirt is your favorite.  Please make sure you tell me which slogan you would have on the shirt as well as the color and style (long sleeves, short sleeves, etc.) 

Extra Entries:

  • Tell me in a comment how you used to be cool but now you aren’t (LOL). – 1 extra entry.
  • Follow me on Twitter by clicking on that cute little birdie in my sidebar – 5 extra entries. Please leave me five separate comments telling me you did so and don’t forget to include your Twitter ID.
  • Follow Shannon on Twitter at – 5 extra entries. Leave 5 separate comments just like above.
  • Tweet about my contest – 5 extra entries.
  • Subscribe to my blog – 5 extra entries.

This contest is open to everyone (U.S. and international readers) and ends at 11:59 pm on May 13, 2009.  The winner will be posted here on May 14th and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. 

After you enter my contest, head on over to MomDot’s Blog Party where there are 31 contests-31 bloggers-31 days.  Good Luck!


The Grammar Police


Today’s lesson is plagiarism.  Type it with me.  P-l-a-g-i-a-r-i-s-m.  It is NOT plagerism.  I have read all kinds of blog posts lately where people worry about others stealing their content.  Here’s a thought.  If you can’t spell it then you don’t have to worry about someone plagiarizing your content.

Do you need this $1?


You could win this crisp $1 bill if you go over to MomDot and tell them in a comment why you need it.  Make sure you tell them that I sent you. It’s part of the America’s Next Top Blogger contest.  Whoever has the best reason will win and will help me get closer to the title.  There are only 7 contestants remaining.  Hurry because you only have until Monday.  Thank you!

Have a great weekend.

The Write Gal is Fantastic!

wombtobloomThe Write Gal has been selected as one of the “Fantastic Five” over at Womb to Bloom, Maternity and Beyond.  Thank you so much for this wonderful honor!! WOO HOO!  I am thrilled to be among such an elite groups of bloggers.  One of the other bloggers selected was recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Ya’ll know I LOVE OPRAH!!!  Heather Armstrong aka Dooce was recently featured in the show called “The Truth About Motherhood.”  My dream one day is to be on Oprah or at the very least I want to write an article for O Magazine .  A girl can dream, right?

Thank you so much Womb to Bloom for this incredible honor.  Be sure and check out that site for some fabulous information on pregnancy, babies, and beyond.

Take the WAT-AAH! Challenge

pict0476The Little Write Gal recently took the WAT-AAH! Challenge.  She picked WAT-AAH! over soda. I am going to have to get some more of this stuff!

Here is the idea behind the challenge:

We are challenging mothers and their kids with the notion of choosing water over soda. Most parents believe that if given a choice, kids will pick soda. WAT-AAH! however, thinks the opposite. Mothers who participate in “The WAT-AAH! Challenge” will receive WAT-AAH! samples with instructions to put the bottled water in the fridge, NEXT TO THE SODAS. Mothers/fathers will be asked to write, photograph or videotape their kids’ responses and reactions to WAT-AAH! And if in fact they are drinking more water!

wattahYour kids can take the WAT-AAH challenge too.  You could win FREE WAT-AAH! and T-Shirts which will be given to the top five videos submitted! Visit their blog for more information.  Check out The Little Write Gal’s video below.  This is my first ever vlog so I am so excited I got it to work.

Celebrate Earth Day – Product Spotlight








In celebration of Earth Day I thought I would spotlight a few new “green” products.

whitecloudWhite Cloud Green Earth Paper Products– White Cloud has developed toilet paper and paper towels made from 100% recycled fibers.  At first I have to admit I was skeptical about these products.  After all, how soft could “recycled” toilet paper be?  I have to say that I was surprised at the softness and I cannot even tell the difference from regular toilet paper. The White Cloud Green Earth paper towels were very sturdy and absorbent. I like how they come in perforated sheets so you can use as little or as much as you need.  I would definitely purchase both of these products in the future. I think if all consumers were conscious about the impact paper has on our planet we could seriously save some trees by using recycled paper products like White Cloud. Wal-Mart will begin carrying the Green Earth White Cloud products in their stores beginning May 1st.  You can learn more about Wal-Mart’s Save and Live Green campaign by visiting their Web site.

The Fragrance Collection, Soy Candles by GladeGlade has introduced a new line of soy candles in yummy scents such as McIntosh Apple and Orange Vanilla.  These candles are made with more than 90% natural ingredients. If you are a fan of Orange Dreamsicles or Orange Julius then I highly recommend the Orange Vanilla scent.  It smells so good I could just eat it!  Here is an online coupon which will allow you to save $4.00 on your purchase.  These candles are also available at Wal-Mart.  You can purchase any of the scents in The Fragrance Collection as reed diffusers which would be a great alternative to burning a candle.

Happy Earth Day!


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