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The Little Write Gal (age 8) thinks Adam Lambert looks like teen idol, Joe Jonas. (Last week I said he resembles Elvis).  Who’s right?

Happy WW!

Perfect for the Easter basket: Littlest Pet Shop Spring


The Little Write Gal’s favorite Nintendo DS game right now is the brand new Littlest Pet Shop Spring.  If you are looking something to put in your daughter’s Easter basket and she has a DS, this game will make her smile!  This is the fourth game in the Littlest Pet Shop DS series and adds more mini-games, accessories, and playsets to your Littlest Pet Shop collection.  To quote the Little Write Gal:  “I LOVE the Littlest Pet Shop!  There are so many fun games on here but my favorite is Whirl & Twirl.”  She let me play with it for about 5 minutes.  That was all I was allowed.  Check out the photo but please ignore the chipped blue fingernail polish.  🙂


This game is full of adorable pets that magically come to life in an exciting digital world. Your child can collect some of the newest and cutest pets and the more time they spend having fun with their pet, the more great stuff they earn such as new pets, playsets, and accessories.

dslps2Here are some features from the company’s Web site:

  • *Accessorize your pets to make them even cuter with over 100 unique pet accessories including scarves, hats, glasses, and more!
  • Play with your pets in four unique pet-sized worlds! Engage in all of your favorite winter activities, explore the depths of a thriving jungle, enjoy a fresh spring day, and shop for accessories in Pet Plaza.
  •  Compete in mini-games with your littlest pets! Play 20 fun and challenging games with your pet to unlock accessories, playsets, and new pets too! With a number of difficulty levels for each game, you can replay them over and over again.

The Littlest Pet Shop Spring retails for $29.99 and can be purchased here. It is for Girls, ages 6-10, and is rated E for everyone!  Easter will be here soon so make sure you stock your baskets early.  Which reminds me since The Little Write Gal already has this great game, what am I going to put in hers?

Your cute baby plus some bubbles could win $10,000

baby_bubbleYour precious baby could win $10,000 in the Big Bubblin’ Stars contest from JOHNSON’S®, a company that has been helping parents for more than 100 years. Be a part of JOHNSONS® Big Bubblin Stars video contest! Upload your favorite video of you and baby having fun at bath time.  

Visit to learn more about this contest as well as view videos that have already been submitted.  Sometimes I wish my baby was still this little!

Deal of the Day

ring3Okay jewelry lovers! Twisted Silver, one of my new favorite jewelry lines, is giving a 50% discount off of any of their rings for TODAY ONLY.   To receive your discount enter the code “Twitter” at checkout.  If you tweet, then you can  follow Twisted Silver here.


Wordless Wednesday















Am I the only one noticing the resemblance?

Stalled Contract Negotiations Could Force Cable Customers to Get Satellite


I am IRATE because viewers may be forced to get a satellite to continue to receive ABC programming if Time Warner Cable cannot work out negotiations with our local ABC Affiliate. According to a report by, the inability to negotiate an agreement with Time Warner Cable will lead to the cable company canceling the channel for its customers effective April 1st. In order to continue viewing the ABC shows, you will have to purchase a satellite dish. I think I will DIE if I can no longer view my favorite ABC shows like Good Morning America, Brothers & Sisters, and Desperate Housewives. I am not rushing out to buy a satellite dish just yet, but I am going to send an email with this blog post to every WSOC and Time Warner employee I can find to voice my disgust at this situation. Why should viewers suffer just because you can’t come to terms? Under normal circumstances you could just disconnect one television from cable but since digital television is going to be required starting June 12th, that is not an option.

Local Write Gal readers, what do you think? Voice your opinion so I can send them on to Time Warner Cable.  If you want to send a complaint as well you can contact Time Warner Cable by calling (704) 377-9600. You can also use their live chat at http://www.twcarolina. Click on “Support” at the top of the page and then click “Live Support Chat” at the right side of the support page.



Blush Topless Undershirt Review and Giveaway

blush31I want to introduce you to my favorite “Must Have” piece of clothing for every season, the Blush Topless Undershirt.  I have a long torso and as a result often have problems finding tops that are long enough to fit me properly.  I hate wearing tops that ride up or that allow you to expose your midriff when bending over. I have tried to combat this problem by wearing a longer shirt underneath to achieve the “layered look”, but all I manage to accomplish is added bulkiness. Imagine my excitement when I discovered this wonderful product which allows you to extend the length of any top in your wardrobe without the added bulk of wearing a longer shirt or an annoying tanktop underneath.  The topless undershirt is just what it says, “topless.”  It fits very comfortably just like a tube top and your shirts will fit smoothly on top.  I wondered at first if the undershirt would ride up but it stays snugly in place.  Now why couldn’t I have thought of that? 


This is what the Blush undershirt looks like – a tube top.  It is so very easy to wear.  You will be the only one who knows there is not a full-sized top underneath your shirt. 


Are you ready to order yours  yet?  Blush has given The Write Gal readers a coupon code to save 20% when you order 2 or more!  Just go here to order yours and then enter the code welovebloggers at checkout.  Here is more info about Blush from the company’s Web site:

We are just two girls, both looking for the same product until we decided one day to design it. With one of us having a long torso and the other being pregnant, we both had the same problem of our shirts not fitting.

Blush Accessories welcomes you to a product that helps adjust the clothes you already have to fit you perfectly. This is a shirt that is to be worn like a tube top, but around the waist. Our product is made of a poly/rayon/spandex blend, allowing a huge amount of stretch and great support.


You can also easily wear the Blush topless undershirt if you are pregnant.  No special “maternity” wear to buy; according to the Blush FAQ’s, you can simply wear your same size Blush until sometime probably in the second trimester when your Blush may become uncomfortable.  When that happens just order the next size up.  Keep your smaller size to wear after your precious baby has arrived.

I am excited to announce that one lucky Write Gal reader will receive her very own Blush Topless Undershirt!  To enter, it is simple.  Visit the Blush Web site and tell me what color or pattern is your favorite.  Then come back here and tell me in a comment.  Extra entries you ask?  My wish is your command.  You can get extra entries by doing any of the following:

1.  Blog about this contest for an extra 5 entries.  Please link to my post and to the Blush Web site.  Leave me 5 separate comments telling me you blogged and give me the URL of your post (you only have to list the URL one time).  For example:  Blogged 1 – URL; Blogged 2; Blogged 3, etc.

2.  Follow me on Twitter for an extra 5 entries.  If you follow me on Twitter or are a current follower, let me know in 5 separate comments and provide your Twitter username.  You can easily follow me (@writegal) by clicking on the cute birdie icon in my sidebar.

3.  Add me to your Blogroll for an extra 10 entries.  Just add The Write Gal as a link to your blogroll and then leave me 10 separate comments telling me you did so.  If you have your blogroll displayed using buttons feel free to copy mine at the bottom of my sidebar and then link back to my blog.

Everyone can possibly have 21 chances to win! The contest is open to U.S. and Canada residents only and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7.  The winner will be posted here on April 8th and will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Good Luck!

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