Team Mom Review: Baby Bella Trading Cards from Bella Sara

The Little Write Gal was over the moon at the latest product we received for review from Team Mom,  the debut of Baby Bella trading cards from Bella Sara.  If you haven’t heard about Bella Sara yet, this is the most successful trading card product ever developed for girls, selling more than 55 million cards since the game’s introduction two years ago.  The cards are purchased in packs of seven and each one features positive, inspirational messages.  They include a unique code that activates a virtual version of the horse featured on the card which you can then interact with on the Bella Sara Web site. Bella Sara’s newest cards feature Baby Bella, the babies of the horses in the Bella Sara family.  On November 6th, Bella Sara is kicking off a 10-day celebration where kids can qualify for daily prizes, read stories, get access to special codes, and more. 

Since its debut, Bella Sara has received numerous awards including the “Seal of Approval” from the National Parenting Center and the “Toy of the Year” from Creative Child magazine, among others.  As a mom I love these products because they promote strong family values and feature inspirational messages and imagination-building game play designed to support girls’ development.  The Little Write Gal loves them because she says they “ROCK” and that they are “way more girly girl than Webkinz,” which also has a trading card line.  I would have posted a picture of the Little Write Gal and her cards but she was so excited she took them over to her best friend Katie’s house and then left them over there so you will have to settle with a picture from Bella Sara for now. 

These cards are adorable and make great stocking stuffers at just $2.99 per pack.  They are available at the major retailers including Target, Toys “R” Us, Wal-Mart, and Barnes & Noble.  Be sure and get your girl some of these cute cards soon!  Thanks Team Mom.


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