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Team Mom Review: Baby Bella Trading Cards from Bella Sara

The Little Write Gal was over the moon at the latest product we received for review from Team Mom,  the debut of Baby Bella trading cards from Bella Sara.  If you haven’t heard about Bella Sara yet, this is the most successful trading card product ever developed for girls, selling more than 55 million cards since the game’s introduction two years ago.  The cards are purchased in packs of seven and each one features positive, inspirational messages.  They include a unique code that activates a virtual version of the horse featured on the card which you can then interact with on the Bella Sara Web site. Bella Sara’s newest cards feature Baby Bella, the babies of the horses in the Bella Sara family.  On November 6th, Bella Sara is kicking off a 10-day celebration where kids can qualify for daily prizes, read stories, get access to special codes, and more. 

Since its debut, Bella Sara has received numerous awards including the “Seal of Approval” from the National Parenting Center and the “Toy of the Year” from Creative Child magazine, among others.  As a mom I love these products because they promote strong family values and feature inspirational messages and imagination-building game play designed to support girls’ development.  The Little Write Gal loves them because she says they “ROCK” and that they are “way more girly girl than Webkinz,” which also has a trading card line.  I would have posted a picture of the Little Write Gal and her cards but she was so excited she took them over to her best friend Katie’s house and then left them over there so you will have to settle with a picture from Bella Sara for now. 

These cards are adorable and make great stocking stuffers at just $2.99 per pack.  They are available at the major retailers including Target, Toys “R” Us, Wal-Mart, and Barnes & Noble.  Be sure and get your girl some of these cute cards soon!  Thanks Team Mom.

My Stress – Part Two

Have you ever felt like this poor cat?  Or like you are burning the candle at both ends and there isn’t much candle left?  Well welcome to my world.  I thought this week was going to be so much better since I was off until Thursday for Fall Break.  Who was I kidding?  The good news is that the draft for the Fashion Show script is ready.  I am going to spend all day today with the clothes to make sure my descriptions actually fit what the models will be wearing.  The stores provide their descriptions of the clothes so I at least have some place to start. But it is totally obvious to me that not all people are good writers because I got some real gems this year:  “This jacket is perfect for Fall.”  Say what?  Is it a leather jacket, microfiber lightweight, heavy, reversible, dressy, or casual?  And who knows what color the thing is.  So needless to say that I have my work cut out for me today, and tomorrow will be spent at the Rehearsal.

The bad news you ask?  For starters, my house is a wreck and I don’t remember the last time I cleaned a toilet.  I need to unload and reload the dishwasher.  Ashes needs a bath and I hope he can’t smell himself.  If someone came to the door right now I would pretend I am not home.  This may be hard to do considering my big ‘ol SUV is in the driveway along with my husband’s truck and work car.  The laundry I have done is thrown on the bed and I am dangerously close to not being able to find and/or sleep in the bed.   My laundry?  What a laugh!  Mine is the last to get done.  I think today I will be wearing a G-string for lack of other choices.  If I don’t wash my clothes soon, the SPANX will be next and then I just don’t want to imagine the alternative after that.  And the real kicker is…my husband announced this a.m. that his parents who live four hours away are travelling today and might “stop by.”  AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let me stop here before I write something that I will regret later. 

SOS: Mom and Ash don’t you want to come over Monday when Holly’s in school and help me clean this pit? I thought my Mom and my Sister still read my blog,  but maybe not since I haven’t updated it recently.  Geez I need a housekeeper, and some sleep!!!  I have had less than 8 hours in the last two days because I have been up all hours working.

If you are local you should come to the hospital Fashion Show which is being held on Monday and Tuesday night next week.  All of my hard work is definitely worth it when I see it all come together.  Plus ticket sales this year are raising money for the Hospital’s Breast Health campaign.

Happy Weekend!

Clean, Creative, FUN!

The latest products I have received from Team Mom for review are the Bath Blizzard and the Aquadoodle Draw ‘N Doodle both from Spin Master.  Your child will want both of these on his or her Christmas list!  The Little Write Gal anxiously awaits any deliveries from Team Mom and this one was no exception.  She tore into the Bath Blizzard as soon as it arrived.  This little machine hangs securely on the side of your bathtub via suction cups and with the turn of a knob, a waterfall of bubbles comes tumbling into the water.  The box says “Ages 3+” but trust me that your child of any age will just LOVE this product.  The Bath Blizzard is from Spin Master’s Kid Kleen line of toys, an exciting new line of kids’ bath activity toys that are safe, non toxic, hypoallergenic, and tears free.  What I like about Kid Kleen is that all of their products have been tested and approved by ophthalmologists and pediatricians.  Your kid’s bath will never run out of bubbles using the Bath Blizzard!  I just might have to try this out for myself!  I wanted to take a picture of the Little Write Gal covered up to her neck in these bubbles but Miss Priss informed me that she was a “Junior Pre-teen” now that she just turned 8, and I was not allowed to take her picture in the bathtub even if it was from the neck up LOL!  “Junior Pre-teen”……where do the kids come up with this stuff??

The next product we received was the Aquadoodle Draw N’ Doodle Mat.  The Little Write Gal actually got this from Santa when she was 3 and has used it often since then.  She loves to draw in the Living Room but since our carpet is light grey I have always confined her the kitchen for her artwork.  With the Aquadoodle there is absolutely no mess because all you do is add water to the Aqua Pen that comes with the mat and your child can draw adorable pictures MESS FREE that magically appear on the doodle mat.  The mat is durable and reusable for hours and hours of no-mess fun!

Both of these products are available at major toy retailers.  The suggested price of the Bath Blizzard is $19.99 and the Auqadoodle is $24.99.  You can also order them online from Amazon and eToys.

Thanks Team Mom for more great products!  Your kids will not be disappointed when opening up either of these two things on Christmas morning. 


Baby Daddy

Reuters reported today that in an interview to be featured in November’s issue of W magazine, Angelina Jolie said that she did not want to get pregnant but that Brad Pitt changed her mind.  Reuters reported this quote from Jolie:

“I think one of the life-changing things that he did, one of many, is that I was absolutely never going to get pregnant. I never felt that it was the right thing to do. Now I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world,” she said.

All I have to say is if Brad Pitt asked me to have his baby my response would be, “Twins or triplets.”  LOL.

Blog Neglect and My Stress

I apologize to all of my regular readers for neglecting The Write Gal lately.  I just wanted everyone to know that it is totally unintentional.  It is no exaggeration when I say that teaching is KICKING MY TAIL this semester.  This is my first year teaching so I am having to make up all lectures, assignments, tests, papers, etc. as I go along.  It is so hard and not to mention stressful!  Let’s add to it my other duties of Mom, cook, chauffeur, Bible Study leader, and there are so many others I temporarily blocked them out of my head.  And let’s not forget I am working on writing the script for the hospital fashion show again this year.  I totally feel like the cat in this picture.

Back to teaching…To all of the teachers out there I commend you!  I know enough about the subject matter that I could probably just wing it but I can’t do that because I would be doing a disservice to my students.  I am probably putting way too much stress on myself but I think I should give them the best education possible.  So that means I spend hours, and hours, and more hours preparing my lesson plans and lectures.  But honestly I don’t mind doing it because I really love my students and I absolutely love teaching!  I feel like that is what God has led me to do.  I actually was an Education major in college for a while but I switched my major to Journalism.  A big part of me has always wanted to teach and I am thrilled to have the chance. 

We are on Fall Break now and I am off until Thursday.  I definitely plan to get caught up on writing for my blog and reading the other blogs I enjoy.  So check back next week for some great posts.  Maybe I will get some much needed housework and laundry done too (now that sounds just mind-numbing exciting, don’t you think? ).

Happy Weekend Everybody!

T-Shirt/Onesie from Appledonia – WINNER


Congratulations to Alicia for winning the t-shirt/onesie giveaway from Appledonia.

14 Alicia
September 26, 2008 at 3:11 pm
Oooo I love the mouse or elephant best. I’d probably end up giving it to Kaylee because she never gets new clothes, LOL.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-10-03 13:24:06 UTC

Thanks to everyone who entered and for Appledonia for giving away such an adorable prize!

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