The Perfect T-shirt Necklace

My latest jewelry obsession is Diana Warner Studio – New York.  I recently purchased the Sarah Golden Pearl necklace which I wear all of the time.  It is lightweight and beautiful — the PERFECT necklace for summer and for wearing with t-shirts!  I like Diana’s line because it is fun, flirty, and wearing her jewelry does not break the bank.  Celebrities also love this line — Carrie Underwood, Natasha Bedingfield, and Lauren Conrad have all been spotted wearing her jewelry.

You don’t feel guilty making a purchase when you know your money is going to support a worthwhile cause. After a trip to South Africa this young desginer decided to do something about the immense need for water in that country.  When you purchase Diana’s necklace, “The Obligato” (Portugese for something that one cannot live without), you can provide 10 Africans with clean water for a year.  The wearer not only has a beautiful piece of jewelry, but they also have the knowledge that they improved and touched the lives of 10 people in South Africa.  I am going to buy this necklace next!

Happy Shopping!


1 Response to “The Perfect T-shirt Necklace”

  1. 1 Karen July 29, 2008 at 1:01 am

    I have got to stop reading your BLOG! You cost me too much money! I now own the Obligato Necklace. I saw it on someone the other day and the lady told me the name of the necklace plus I saw it in a magazine and now on your BLOG!!!

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