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What I Have Learned About Blogging – So Far…

After just one week of blogging, I have to say I wish I would have tried it sooner.  Here are a few things I have learned as a blogging baby:

  • You don’t have to be an expert to be a blogger –  Ever thought about blogging before but were too scared to give it a try?  Don’t be!  I have been amazed at how simple it is.  Whether you are using WordPress, Blogger, or another blogging system, there are plenty of resources out there to help you as you go along.   I love using WordPress because of all of the Help Pages, Forums, & FAQ’s. Another great resource is the blogging expert Lorelle on WordPress.  Even if you aren’t a WordPress blogger, Lorelle has plenty of blogging tips that you will find to be helpful. 
  • Don’t get intimidated by all of the lingo– I have to say I still don’t have a clue as to the difference between a trackback or a pingback.  Flickr, widget, HTML, Meta, WHAT???  Try not to let the technical terms scare you or keep you from starting your blog.  You can learn as you go.  You don’t have to be a “techie” to be a blogger.
  • Remember Quality vs. Quantity – You might be hesitant to blog because of a fear of running out of things to say.  It is more important to have quality blog entries that communicate to your audience rather than incessant ramblings just to fill your blog.  Also, before you begin blogging it is a good idea to know generally what you are going to blog about.  For the Write Gal I picked my two favorite subjects which happen to be writing and shopping.  That is not to say that I may not digress and occasionally post about something else, but to me consistency creates credibility in the blogging world.  I would personally much rather read a blog that is topical on a consistent basis rather than a random one that posts about the weather or whatever topic is on that person’s brain for the day.


Happy Blogging!


Sassy Stationery

I love shopping just about as much as writing and I always like to brag when I find great products.  My latest obsession is with personalized note cards.  I bought a ton of these for Christmas gifts and I have to say the “Thank Yous” are still coming in and it’s almost July.  Every time I see my daughter’s teacher she remarks on how much she still loves her cards.  I got an email the same day Holly gave them to her at Christmas asking where I purchased them because she wanted to order more.  The picture I took above is from my latest order.  Holly has been begging for personalized note cards of her own ever since she first laid  eyes on them.  I purchased some for her and for her best friend, Katie, as a birthday present. 

So where can you order some fun & fashionable cards for yourself or for the ones you love?  Go to Pretty Prints now and bookmark the site!  Pretty Prints is an online boutique of fun, flirty, and whimsical stationery products.  They specialize in every paper product you can imagine… from invitations, labels, gift tags, birth announcements, business cards, note cards, and everything in between.  They also offer custom orders at no additional cost.  The note cards are packaged already for gift-giving with a matching bow.You only have to look as far as my sidebar to tell how much I love their products.    If you order, tell Lori that Christy sent you!


You Spell It “Web site”…

When someone asked me recently why I spell “Web site” with two words instead of one, I jokingly told them not to question a writer.  Actually that was a legitimate question and although the term “Web site” is correct, the word “website” actually appears more times on the Internet than its two-word counterpart.  Just Google the terms and you find “website” with 1.9 million plus hits while “Web site” has a mere 777,000.  Professional journalists prefer the compound term and it is the agreed upon correct spelling in the Chicago Manual of Style, the AP Stylebook, and Gregg’s Reference Manual.  Newspapers, magazines, and news Web sites alike use “Web site” in their articles.  So why do we see the incorrect terms website, web, and www so often you ask?  It takes more time to write out two words intead of one, not to mention taking the time to hit the “Shift” key to make one of those capital. 

In today’s fast-paced world where we can now check our email from our cell phones, we are searching to do things as quickly as we can.  The latest thing to suffer from this super-fast mentality is the English language.  One of the culprits responsible for deteriorating modern English as we know it – text messaging.  I am not sure who invented it but I am sure that this person was obviously not a Journalism major.  Recently I cringed after getting a text “Talk 2U L8R.”  What??  It took me five minutes to decipher this gibberish.   IMHO U should not txt.  YIKES!  You won’t catch this writer texting or spelling website this way anytime soon.


Ready, set, ….BLOG!

Hi!  Welcome to the inaugural posting of my blog which I affectionately call “The Write Gal.”  For advice about writing, shopping, and everything in between, you have come to the right place (or should I say “write” place). 

I established this site as a companion to my new Web site, The Write Advice, which will offer business writing and consulting services.   As everyone probably knows I have written many things over the years for friends and friends of friends, and finally decided to launch a Web site to write for people I don’t know. A special thank you to my friend Scott for asking me to write the Web content for his business, Lifewater.  I will always remember you as my first official client!   Thanks to my Mom who reviewed the wording on my site and for inspiring my love of writing over the years. 

With..God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Thank you for viewing my blog!  Come back and visit soon!

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